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We design
your trip
and guide
you through
your own

We want you to experience things differently. From dining, leisure, and shopping to trekking, adventure sports, and sightseeing we make your journey authentic and special.


We can advise you on the best restaurants for any occasion, nightlife for every taste and every night of the week, where to see an opera, great new boutiques and designers, concerts and music, unknown and little visited archeological sites, real opportunities for cultural immersion, and much more. We deliver distinct high quality experiences with an eye on comfort and enjoyment.



just for

We will design your trip and guide you throughout every stage of your adventure. With years of planning and leading tours all over, we know where you’re going in depth. Planning your trip is a dialogue. We’ll reach out for your continued input while we put the pieces together.


We enjoy getting to know you: your interests, tastes, style, and preferences so that you set off for your chosen destination with the comfort and peace of mind knowing that everything has been designed just for you. While on tour you can rest assured that we’ll be available to assist with anything and everything along the way. Enjoy the moment and let us handle the rest.


We want to learn a little about you

We start the process with a small, informal interview. We want to learn a little about you and your lifestyle. We want to know what interests and excites you, how you like to do things, and what you want to experience when travelling. With this information in mind, we rely on our years of experience, connections, insight into local culture, partnerships with local guides, and in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the cities, natural wonders, and sites that you’ll visit to craft a tour that is personalized and tailored to you.

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Come join us on a trip of a
lifetime :)

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