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The art
of travel

Traveling for us is about more than just seeing and doing. We organize tailor-made trips and  private experiences in Peru and Latin America, from Machu Picchu to the Amazon jungle or amazing beaches in Belize, we want you to connect with where you are and exist in the moment. At Vissionar we’re constantly opening ourselves to new experiences so that we can share the best of our world with you. We don’t stick with the tried and true.


Every person
is unique,
so every experience
should be too


Sometimes we have to get away from the common paths to discover new worlds.

We can accommodate any interest or pleasure


We design custom trips throughout Peru and Latin America with a fresh concept

We build your trip based around your tastes and preferences. From nights out in Buenos Aires, lounging in paradise on the coast of Brazil, to ancient territories with vibrant living cultures in the mystic Andes of Peru and Bolivia we get you to the heart and soul of our destinations.

Hotels, transportation, activities, guided tours, culinary experiences, cultural visits, and every other aspect of your trip are cut to size. We plan everything to suit you and your travel companions personally.


Our vision
in every step of
the way

We work with experienced and qualified guides who are experts in their respective fields and understand our style of travel. These are professionals who are proud of their cultures and patrimony. They have dedicated their lives to studying and sharing it. This is true of everyone we work with: from our drivers to our wellness professionals. We ensure that our vision, quality, and dedication are apparent every step of the way.

Legal Info :
RUC: 20603338864
Razón Social: VISIONAR E.I.R.L.
Agencia de Viajes y Turismo 

Constancia Nro. 329-2021 Cusco

Licencia de Funcionamiento 
Serie Nro. 0012292
Código 009292-2021

Cancellation Policy:
All bookings are final sales after 24 hours of purchase.

Privacy Policy:
Personal information will only be used for billing and booking programs with VISSIONAR.

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